Remedial Divination

(Enchanting Art & Yantras & Mantras With Maa Gyaan Suveera)

Learn the art of enchanting, spell casting and using magical numbers for various life issues. (Talismans, lucky charms, medicine bags, enchanted candles and crystals, numeric and geometric magical yantras, easy mantras for various issues etc.)

Packed with wisdom of the ages, and taught with utmost simplicity, it’s a workshop not to be missed!!!

Anyone can attend it, especially those who have interest in mystic learning, and would like to explore this area of healing. It is exceptionally suitable for Astrologers, Tarot Readers and diviners who like to offer easy solutions to people they work with.

Topics :

  • Introducing to the tradition of vibrational medicine tools
  • Enchanting & spell casting
  • Healing Yantras and Mandalas
  • Geometric vs Numeric Yantras
  • Guidelines and Materials needed to prepare these remedies
  • Sharing several magical numerics and how to use them in different procedures
  • Procedures to use these formulae
  • Talismans Charms and Taveez
  • Preparing wicks to release healing intentions
  • Display Yantras
  • The procedure of Yantra Siddhi
  • Introducing healing mantras
  • Guidelines and ways of life recommended for healers
  • Seed mantras for different powers in the universe
  • Activating natural healing forces
  • Using Readymade mantras and sharing a list of recommended mantras with the students
  • Constructing a mantra for specific healing
  • Mantra Siddhi procedure
  • Step by step guidelines for creating a healing display unit using Yantras, mandalas, symbols and appropriate mantras


  • 28th Oct 2022, Friday, Time: 3pm – 4pm


  • 29th Oct 2022, Saturday, Time: 1:30 Pm to 4:30 Pm
  • 30th Oct 2022, Sunday, Time: 1:30 Pm to 4:30 Pm


₹ 15,000/-

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