21 Wonders

(With Maa Gyaan Suveera)

 Fathomless ideas for Alchemists, Therapists, Healers, and Readers  

Topics :

  • Unfolding inquiring scanning and divining
  • Using a cryptic magical board for healing
  • Easy Cowries
  • Using Flash cards
  • Dowsing
  • Psychic criteria
  • Practical Aura analysis  
  • Quantum codes
  • Quick remedies

Added Attractions :

  • A powerful blissful Rudrabhishek experience
  • Ganga dip with Upanishad chants
  • A specially designed useful cryptic board will be gifted to each participant.
  • A Healing fire ceremony in the Temple of Silence


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Program Schedule :

  • 28th Nov arrival.

We assemble at Kirti Hermitage by 3 Pm for orientation and introduction. 4 Pm to 6 Pm Ganga snan,   sankalp, and meditation.

  • 29th Nov & 30th Nov

   21 WONDERS Workshop from 10 Am to  6Pm 

  • 1st Dec

Rudrabhikshek at the ancient  shivalaya + healing experience in an Energy Portal. Lunch at Swargashram , we return after evening Ganga Arti at Ram Jhula.

  • 2nd Dec

10 Am to 1Pm at Kirti Hermitage and Vashistha cave for satsang, question answers, and meditation. Workshop ends at 1pm


₹ 50,000/-

(study material and lunch included)

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Divya Ohri

The Das Mahavidyas class was not a class, it was an experience…a portal into another dimension. The understanding of how the Devi Shakti works, what does each one signify, how does that relate to us on an individual level. All of us are seekers and at some point we may have read, discovered or experimented with Devi but this class will take you beyond the superficial understanding. This is not something to be missed. Jeevan adhoora sa reh jaega. Pls do join ♥️♥️♥️

Sarita Jagwani

I wish to share about my learning of the above workshop with Maa s grace n benovalance 🙏 It’s the most enlightening and divine learning ; clears all misconceptions about the goddess energies; channelled energies during the class were beyond blessed 🕉🧚♀️; the practical aspect of using the mantras n remedies is fathomless 🙏feel in complete surrender of grace to receive this study n initiation of this gupt dusmahavidya ❤️thank you Maa 🙏.

Pouja Kapur

Maa, came into my life like a divine light with all her profound teachings . I was a lost souls before this. This workshop was especially was very very close to me. To be honest I was not aware of Mahavidhyas at all and this came out to be most enlightening learning ever. The energies during the class , in fact started much before that. We all could feel all maha vidhyas blessing us . Maa, makes so clear and channel the energies beautifully towards us. The initiation , mantras energies were so strong that we all were just spinning during the class. I feel so empowered and really very clear , as all the doubts were cleared ;after the workshop and feel dasa mahavidya blessing me all throughout. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou soo much Maa for the teachings. Love so so much.. gratitude 🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰🥰💕😘😘


I resonate completely with what all my dear fly has said ,if u miss the class u have missed ,one of the most sacred secret wisdom of this universe,which no one can make it so so simple,easy to understand & mesmerising like our Divine Ma. When the wisdom flows through her u will feel maha ganpati &matarani are sharing this adhboot gupt knowledge with us.u need to experience this ,it’s beyond explanation 🙏🙏🙏in deep deep gratitude Maa.we all are truly blessed 😇. luv u Maa 😘😘😘😘

Neeru Malik

It was a workshop that I almost missed! But, it was meant to be.. thanks to Maa and Priyanka😊. Please do attend this if the mystical Goddess calls out to you, as it does to me. Maa made the knowledge so accessible and simple, no frills and fear attached to following the wisdom and rituals. She has initiated and opened a portal of deeper spritual and soul growth 🙏.

Raunak Goel

The knowledge of these ten Mahavidya's is selcouth Yet when taught by Ma in its basic simplistic form it leads to ataraxia . We are often shrouded with myths regarding these divine energies. Ma introduced us to such beautiful, compassionate side of Mahavidya's that there is no scope for any hesitation or misconception. Just a piece of advise please do read the notes given by Ma they are self-explanatory and much better than any book.( which are a bit confusing) Heartfelt Gratitude Ma Thank you 🙏🏼🌸🙏🏼🌸🙏🏼🌸

Smrieti Sethu

Jaise ek mitti ka dhela, ek kumhar ke haatho hi nikharta hai , just like that I ( and all of us) are getting a purpose, a path and hand to hold... i remain in awe with her charisma, knowledge and am in complete surrender to Maa. Every word she says takes me a step ahead towards light. I feel so blessed to have found her...

Lippie Banerjee

The two days were in itself magical. Though I am yet to catch up with my self study, I can say this that all the blockages about these Devi’s were dispelled for me. That in itself is a big gift for me 🙏🙏.

Garima Talwar

That would be a blessing to attend it again 🙏

Chhaya Mistry

It's sheer joy and excitement right from the orientation class. Just in boundless joy and happiness. In fact joy and happiness is very limited words. No words can describe the emotions. Just wish to visit Maa in person and give tight hug like a small kid 💕💕💕