She saw the myriad gods, and beyond God his own ineffable eternity; she saw that there were ranges of life beyond our present life, ranges of mind beyond our present mind and above these she saw the splendors of the spirit.' - Sri Aurobindo

About her guides and mentors, in Maa's own words

My introduction and reconnection with Dattatreya Sampradaya, Mahaganapati Upasana, and Gurudev Sri Swami Samarth happened after I submitted to the study of the Bhagwad Gita in my early 20s.

Gurudev Sri Swami Samarth, and the preceptors of this lineage have been subtly guiding me on my path.

Grace has showered upon me thereafter in many different forms. Those who have come and taught me are his manifestations. Those whom I have met, exchanged a few words here and there are his indications. Those who have gone out of their way and done so much for me, is because of his presence in me and around me!
My link with Sri Aurobindo and Divine Mother has been very intimate and I feel very nostalgic trying to recall when it all started! I felt initiated by the divine mother in silence at a very tender age in the Aurobindo Ashram. I studied in the Mother's International School. My inner journey and self exploration started then, around 1978. Thereafter, everyone whomsoever I met, spoke to, or went along, has been instrumental in taking me closer and closer to the self. I read a lot while in the ashram. Mothers books fascinated me. Her writings on flowers connected me to the cosmic awareness.

I was introduced to the subtle world, new cosmic connections happened. I started exploring cowries, herbs, crystals, flowers ,essences, music and many such things that took me closer in connection with the life force energy.

"There is always the path of struggle, and then there is the Sunlit bring to the whole world this Sunlit path in order to eliminate the need for suffering and struggle" ...

these are words of Mother that have impacted me.
Shri Aurobindo's books kept coming in my hands in many stages. At every stage I felt that they were having much more in them than what I could understand. His work on The Gita impressed me the most, though it all bounced over my head during the early years of my journey! Yet I kept reading bits and parts of it realizing that whatever was meant to go in me will do so in the times to come; and it so happened. Over the years his books on the Vedas, Savitri and many others came into my life and knowledge kept unfolding...

Ramana Maharshi's teachings have been very spiritually uplifting. At different instances I met new age gurus with whom I felt comfortable and could sense a deep vibratory connection. All of them at some point in life, were connected to Ramana Maharshi. The simplicity of his teachings, and no hassle procedure to hit the core of understanding is just wonderful! His teachings are a part of my regular swadhyaya and I indeed take his name with a lot of gratitude.

Swami Chinmayananda's work on Vedanta came to me in bits and pieces. I visited the mission's office whenever and wherever I could, kept picking up books that were extraordinary and felt very deeply connected to Swamiji. I finally qualified for a course on Vedanta from the mission. On completion of the study , I received one of his pictures and a note written by him ... I was truly overjoyed! I visited the Sidbari Ashram and could sense his divine presence in the serenity of that place.

For almost two decades (1980 to 2000), I was blessed by several teachers and was equipped with a fountain of healing modalities that showered on me from different cultures of the world. From Prana Vidya to Reiki to Egyptian Cartouche , these were several such healing styles that I learnt and practiced. Divinition Arts from Cowries, Tarot, Iching to Runes, several such predictive sciences were given to me. A past life recall as an Astrologer and Herbalist, I was awakened to the wisdom of a learned and a wise seer that I was in my own past.

The Cosmic Intelligence Evolutionary path was channeled to me in 1992. The wisdom downloaded from a parampara that I belonged to; I was asked to be ready, to take my purpose further. Deeply committed to spreading this teaching, I was empowered by Gurudev to the four pillars of meditation, chanting, scriptural study, and Ganesh Atharva Shirsh upanishad upasana. The Ganapatya faith in me was re-kindled by Gurudev at this time.

Om Baba, whose grace has showered upon me in the form of Kirti Hermitage, comes to my thoughts with a gush of overflowing love. This is his place of sadhana, his pious dedicated presence in my home, fills me up now, inspiring me to walk the life ahead, with all the integrity he lived with.

The 'Mahaganapati Temple of Silence' was established in the Hermitage on Gurudev's instructions. I have been initiating and guiding seekers on this upasana path since then.

Lastly, I want to make a mention of my long list of students who have been my biggest teachers! The love and bonding I share with them, the urge with which they pursue me to teach them more and more and more, has pushed me to discover and explore new insights. I have grown with them, sharing abundance of love light peace and joy!

Maa Gyaan Suveera

Maa was channeled to carry forward Cosmic Intelligence Evolutionary Path; the wisdom from a Parampara that she belongs to and take her purpose further in 1992. She is empowered with strong pillars of meditation, scriptural study, seva and Upanishad Upasana of Shri Ganesh AtharvaShrish, Sadguru Swami Samarth, Gajanand Maharaj and the preceptors of this lineage that have been subtly guiding her on her path.

Maa considers KIRTI HERMITAGE, as a grace showered upon her by Om Baba and dedicates her home as his place of sadhana and all the integrity he lived with his pious presence which fills her heart with love and inspires her to walk ahead in life.

Maa has been blessed with several teachers and healing modalities from different cultures of the world. She has been awakened to wisdom from Prana Vidya to Reiki to Egyptian Cartouche, Divinition Arts from Tarot to Iching to Runes for almost two decades (1980-2000).

Maa has discovered new insights and has been growing along with her students whom she considers her biggest teachers! She shares abundance of love, light, peace and joy with all her students.

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