Mokshapata Online Workshop

(With Maa Gyaan Suveera)

Learn this exciting divination game for self-knowledge and guidance, based on the Vedas, Puranas, and Smirtis .

Moksha-Pata is a dice game from ancient India, it was invented by our sages. The ‘Pata’ ( Board ) symbolizes a spiritual philosophy along with numbers. It signifies the knowledge of moral and spiritual teaching which is symbolically inscribed on it. The teachings are related to the theory of Karma.  It is a profound predictive tool. Its different stages, good and bad, are the teaching of spirituality and philosophical life of human beings. A Reader maneuvers through this board and get answers / guidance for day to day issues, unravels the vedic wisdom to contemplate on problems that are created by the cycle of destiny

  • Learn how to help yourself and others with this art of divination.
  • What Soul Lessons have you chosen and how are they affecting you today?
  • Why do things in your life happen the way that they do & what can you do to change things?
  • Learn how to deal with repeating old karmic patterns.

Workshop Content :

  • Introduction to the sages wisdom Understanding the predictive mode of the board
  • Mokshapat invocation and initiation, getting aligned to the god of wisdom
    Ethics and principles of reading Understanding the healing and communicative mode of the board
  • Philosophy, all the realms of the karmic path, the subtle manifestation of deeds, impacts of thoughts, the savior ladders
  • Practice & Readings
  • Surfing the soul’s journey
  • Manifestation and progression through the board
  • Understanding the communicative mode of the boardshorts sessions, questions, what-if scenario, three step guidance,

By the end of the workshop, the participants will be versatile and confident using the board for all kinds of Readings. He/She will take along precious knowledge of the seers, ways and means to help himself and others. He will find himself many steps higher on his personal journey, in deep acceptance and calm to participate and throw light on all the events of the Universe.

With Maa Gyaan, discover a new world of predictive intuitive intelligence, be a guiding light for the new age of humanity.


  • 2nd July 2022, Saturday, Time: 1:30 Pm
  • 3rd July 2022, Sunday, Time: 1:30 Pm


₹ 15,000/-

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