Residing at Kirti Hermitage, an undisturbed meadow surrounded by a herbal sanctuary and a glassy surface of a river, this is her home where everyone can experience miraculous nature at its best.

Some things that distinguish Maa are her calm demeanor and efforts that have transformed her as a beacon to countless people who hold high appreciation for her.

For over three decades, her services are designed for anyone who’s interested in accelerating their spiritual awakening. “Energy” being her core pursuit, Maa has pioneered the art of spiritual healing and empowering the mind and soul that have benefited people belonging to various spheres and walks of life.

Allow the light to come through you...

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Maa gyaan suveera


Having more than 51 courses to engage in, some of which are healing, wellness, meditation, one-on-one learning, individual processes, spiritual guidance, mokshapata, astro- tarot guidance, gyaan cowries, new age of humanity and many more that Maa conducts, these courses are tailored by applying various versions of the healing streams to each individual.