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Yog Sutra

Yoga Sutra Retreat with Maa Gyaan Suveera

Location: Yog Niketan Ashram Rishikesh
Program Dates 14th Feb to 17th Feb, 2020

To Register Contact: 9810013640 (Omrita)


Learn to chant the 196 sutras with Maa ( printout of the sutras will be handed in both English and Sanskrit. Recording of the chanting lessons will be allowed)

Topics for lectures and discussion :

  • yogic psychology and philosophy explained very simply
  • definition and purpose of Yoga
  • mental modifications practice and detachment, 
  • what creates the basic tensions of life
  • means of attainment 
  • obstacles to progress 
  • the knower and the known
  • awareness and the lack of it
  • what is intuitive knowledge
  • the limbs of patanjali yoga
  • yamas in details
  • niyamss in detail
  • methods of controlling negative thoughts
  • concentration meditation &    superconsciousness 
  • transformations of consciousness
  • external appearances 
  • what are psychic powers
  • individuality and it's cause
  • cosmic mind
  • karma , causal actions and thoughts
  • theory of perception
  • kaivalya 


  • Daily meditation with Maa + morning yoga practice with the ashram acharya 
  • Simple vegetarian food
  • Printed manual 
  • clean comfortable but simple rooms for stay, shared accommodation, can request private room on extra payment
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